What is important to Dick Werner...


I feel the state of South Dakota has a fiscal responsibility to provide our students the opportunity to obtain a quality education. I will continue to work hard to assure that this is achieved. A quality education system allows for our local businesses and industries to have access to a highly trained workforce. I will do my part to assure our youth have the opportunity to have a rewarding career in South Dakota and for them to raise their families and develop roots in our local communities.

Economic Development

A key component to assure that South Dakota can continue to have a balanced budget and support the necessary state programs, such as education and healthcare, is a proactive economic development plan. A sound economic development vision allows our economy to grow and helps our local communities create and retain jobs. I bring to the table the background and experience from my years in banking and as a financial consultant in economic development.

Local Decisions

I understand the importance of the local decision making process through my years of service as a county commissioner. State government should be there to assist local governments perform their duties and not tie their hands with unnecessary controls or regulations.


The agriculture industry has been the backbone of South Dakota since our statehood and the demands for a growing food supply in developing countries will continue the prominence that agriculture plays in our state. I’m proud to be able to own and operate my family farm and feel it is important that legislators understand this rapidly changing industry. Advances in technology and genetics will continue to provide opportunities in the ag industry and legislators need to understand and be positioned to leverage these opportunities. I bring that knowledge and background to the table.